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Borrow from £25,000 to £1,000,000+
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Whether you are just starting out, moving home, seeking to re-mortgage or looking to invest in a buy to let property. Whatever your current circumstances, The Mortgage Hive has you covered

Why You Should Use A Mortgage Broker!

Whole of the Market Comparison
The Mortgage Hive will search across the Whole of the UK market. Which means we will find the most suitable Mortgage for your budget.

Our advisers will take into consideration your requirements, then match them with the lenders criteria to source the best mortgage deals.

We will deal with the lender to ensure the process is swift, smooth & hassle free for you.
Exclusive broker-only deals
There are certain lenders that are only accessible via a mortgage broker.

Other lenders also offer some mortgage deals exclusively to brokers, which you will not be able to access directly.
Impartial advice
Brokers work independently from lenders and hence will give you unbiased advice on each mortgage product.

Due to the vast knowledge acquired from sourcing the whole market, the Mortgage Hive will give you guidance on which lender is most likely to approve your application. We will be able to give you a good idea if your application is likely to be approved in principle, which will remove the risk of damaging you credit history by having applications declined.
Your Personal Consultant and Future Reviews
Your personal adviser will get to know you and your circumstances, building a rapport will improve the service you receive for current and future enquiries.
Not only will your consultant find the best mortgage you can afford, a good broker will also give you guidance on Protecting your family. This can include various Insurances such as:

Life Insurance

Critical Illness

Income Protection

It is important to schedule future reviews, to make sure you are always prepared for any changes in the UK market which could affect Mortgage rate.
Will Save You Time
Using a broker to find your Mortgage will save you a considerable amount of time and legwork.
As it will cut down on the amount of research you will need to find a competitive Mortgage with a Lender.

The Mortgage Process

1Initial Contact With Your Mortgage Adviser
Before you start looking for your new property, or considering re-mortgaging your existing deal. You will want to know, What you can afford, how much you can borrow and what the Mortgage will cost?

We have mortgage calculators that can help, however this should only be used as a very rough guide. As the amount will vary vastly depending on your lenders criteria and your personal circumstances.

To get a true representation if you are eligible for a mortgage and what the mortgage will cost, you will need to complete a Fact Find with your Mortgage Hive Broker.

The ‘Fact find’ will consist of various sections designed to gather all your personal circumstances and credit history and the evidence to support it.

With a completed Fact Find, the Adviser is then able to go away and source the best mortgage deals for you.
2How Much Will It Cost?
The Mortgage Hive has now completed its initial mortgage sourcing.
At this stage we will be able to give you an indication of how much you will be able to borrow, what the monthly payment will cost.
The Broker will send over a Key Features Illustration. (KFI)

The KFI will clarify figures regarding:

Mortgage amount,
Mortgage term,
Interest rates during and after the fixed period,
Monthly payments,
Any fees (including when and how they will need to be paid),
Any other additional features.

It is only valid on the day its produced, but will give you a strong indication on what is affordable to you.
3House Hunt, Keep Us Updated. (Only for First Time Buyers, Home Movers, Other Property Purchases)
Now you have a established the amount you can borrow, you can browse the market to find your new property.

As lenders have criteria regarding the property you pick. i.e. Listed building, Type of Property, Near Commercial, Acreage, Ex council, Type of construction.

You will need to pass this relevant information onto us. Your adviser will check your chosen property fits your lenders criteria.
At any stage in the process if the details in your initial Fact find change, please update your broker.
4Apply for a Decision in Principle (DIP) / Agreement in Principle (AIP)
You are now at the stage where we apply for Decision in Principle also know by some lenders as an Agreement in Principle. Your Broker will submit a summary of the data established in the Fact Find to your chosen Mortgage Lender.

The Lender will check your circumstances match their criteria and asses affordability via your income and declared commitments which they will check by Conducting a Credit Search.

The Credit Search depending on lender can be either Soft or Hard.

A Soft Credit search has no detrimental effect on your credit report. It is only seen by yourself and the lender who conducted it.

However, a Hard Credit search, all future creditors will see. This will last on your credit report for 1 year. Please note too many of these in a short period will have a detrimental effect on your credit report and therefore hamper other credit applications.

Your personal Adviser, will be able to tell you which Credit Agency the lender will use and the type of search carried out, if you have any concerns about your credit file disclosure is always the best policy.

Please note all lenders will eventually carry out a Hard credit search, but this is done later on in the mortgage process.
5Make Offer on New Property (Only for First Time Buyers, Home Movers, Other Property Purchases)
You are now in a confident position to put your Mortgage offer over to the vendor in the best possible light. Once your offer has been accepted please verify the purchase price with your adviser.
6Full Mortgage Application and Lender Underwriting
We are now ready to submit the Full Mortgage Application on your behalf. The lender will require evidence to support the information provided. The FMA will require further details not included in the AIP / DIP.

For example:
Your Solicitor details.
Vendor / Estate agent details
Property Details
Direct Debit details to make your mortgage payments.
Payment of any fees applicable (i.e. Valuation Fee, Lender Application fee).
Type of Valuation required. (Standard Mortgage Valuation, Home Buyers Report)

The lender will then check through the application and conduct a mortgage survey on the property. If the property is new, it maybe worth looking into a more thorough survey, please contact us for details.
7Obtaining Your Mortgage Offer
Now the underwriting had been completed and the property is suitable to lend on, you will be presented with your Mortgage offer. A copy will also be sent to your solicitor.

The Mortgage Offer in most cases should be almost identical to the KFI that was produced.
8Meeting Your Solicitor, Exchange Date and Completion
A solicitor will be needed for both yours and the lenders interests. In a lot of case it will be duel representation, meaning you will both use the same solicitor.

There are 6 key stages to conveyancing

Exchange contracts you are now responsible for your new property, you will need to make sure building insurance is in place.

1. Initial stages, Engagement or confirmation of Terms of Business.

2. Pre-Contract Stage, Draft Contract and Searches

3. Exchange of contracts, You are now responsible for your new property, make sure your building insurance is in place. Ask your adviser for a quote.

4. Between Exchange and Completion

5. Completion (Moving Day)

6. Post Completion, register your ownership with the Land Registry.

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