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Foster care is one of the most important professions in the UK today. Your commitment to helping others and being there to support individuals who need it most is essential to the well-being of thousands across the country. Given how much time you put into helping others, you might not have time to look into your own future. For example, have you considered mortgages for foster carers?

Finding the right mortgage for someone in your profession can be tricky. Often, you might find that your role is temporary or non-contracted and thus, you do not have the ‘stability’ that lenders tend to look for. With that being the case, you might find that you are running up against a brick wall simply trying to secure your future.

At The Mortgage Hive, it is our duty to help you overcome these issues and find a better future for yourself. From helping you find the best first time buyer mortgages for foster carers to mortgages for those in specialist positions, our aim is to make working through the complexity of mortgage arrangements much easier.

Our brokerage helps professionals like yourself find the mortgage they need, want and deserve. We can help you to find the right lender to take your mortgage out with, and ensure that you can locate a deal that provides you with the best overall value for money. For help and insight, contact us today.

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 The Mortgage Hive are here to offer you impartial mortgage advice tailored for your circumstances.   Speak to one of our expert Foster Carer mortgage advisers today to find out more!

Save yourself time and effort when looking for mortgages for foster carers

We appreciate that in your role, you are often limited in how much time you can commit to researching mortgages. On the face of it, this can make the concept of finding a mortgage nigh impossible. With so many hurdles to jump through and so much confusion around lending, where do you even start?

For example, you might be looking at new home mortgages for foster carers. These mortgages are highly coveted but often come with confusing hurdles to overcome to land yourself a mortgage. For example, if you are new to foster care or you are not committed to a long-term contract, some lenders might look at your unfavourably.

Our role is to help you find lenders who provide mortgages for foster carers and understand the reality of your profession. This can make it easier to go for that new-build property you are dreaming of. From building a clear financial profile so you understand what you can borrow to recommending trusted lenders, our mortgage brokerage for foster carers can simplify what is often a confusing process.

Finding a mortgage as a temporary foster carer

Many individuals in your position will need a set place they work within. You might be working with one or two different foster care groups or working in temporary venues before moving on. Despite paying you a full-time wage and giving you a strong earning potential, some lenders can view this as a negative.

Our aim is to put you in touch with lenders who provide mortgages for foster carers so they understand how your profession works. Instead of looking at things at face value, they understand that your profession is quite unique in that you can have consistent work without being tied to one foster care company.

By putting you in touch with lenders who will take you seriously, you can easily navigate any fears or doubts they might have about your future earning potential. At the same time, we can make sure that you find lenders who can give you the best rates in relation to your income. With our help, you can clarify many of the questions that a lender might ask you so you can find it easier to get that mortgage.

We can also provide recommendations for what you can do to make your mortgage application more appealing to lenders. From bringing in a second individual as part of your application to finding the financial proof that a lender needs to trust you are a safe person to lend to, we can answer all of their questions so you can have the most stress-free mortgage application process.

Utilise government mortgage schemes for foster carers to your advantage

The government has many varied schemes that you might look into. For example, buy to let mortgages for foster carers are becoming more common. So, too, are the use of schemes such as Help to Buy and Right to Buy mortgage programs. This can mean getting the right to buy a council house you have resided in, or using something like Shared Ownership to buy into a property without full ownership.

Either way, we make sure that you can quickly and easily work towards finding an arrangement that best suits your circumstances. Please don't worry, our ability to find the best mortgages for foster carers means that we will be reaching out to lenders who fully understand your position as a foster carer.

Poor credit mortgages for foster carers

Another aspect that we often use to help foster carers with adverse credit history is through poor credit mortgages for foster carers. These are an excellent choice if you are happy to start off on the mortgage ladder at a higher rate than the average. If you are keen to own a house and overcome your poor credit history, we can connect you to lenders who offer such mortgages for foster carers.

Find out where you stand when it comes to mortgages for foster carers

We understand that you probably feel a little let down and frustrated by the mortgage industry. It can seem like it precludes hard-working professionals like yourself from getting on the housing ladder. Our job is to help you overcome these issues and start to work towards creating a fairer opportunity so that lenders take you seriously and look at your career progression.

You work hard to help build a better life for those in foster care, so let us help you prepare to make your own life that little bit easier. For help and information on any aspect of mortgages for foster carers, please feel free to contact us today and see what we can do to make your life easier.

From working out what amount you could borrow to what kind of options exist for your specific circumstances, we are here to answer any questions you might have.

Contact The Mortgage Hive today, and one of our staff can begin to work with you on arranging the ideal mortgage for foster carers. No matter your financial situation, we can help you work towards that exciting first mortgage agreement!