Adverse Credit, CCJs, Defaults, Payday Loans, Late Payments?



Do not let Adverse Credit hold you back from getting a mortgage. We have dealt with many clients in similar situations and we are happy to discuss your options.

The Mortgage Hive is able to help you out when the high street lenders say No. Our Specialist Lenders cover a wide range of deals for all circumstances, we will be able to find the deal right for you despite your previous credit history.

 Some factors which can affect your credit score include:

Late or missed payments
Bankruptcy, IVA, DRO, DMP, CCJ, Defaults, Pay Day Loans
Lack of credit history
High credit utilisation 
Applying for lots of credit accounts in a short period of time

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Mortgage with Bad Credit?, How to increase your credit score:



Register to be on the electoral roll

Paying bills and credit agreements on time

Don't max out, Keep your credit utilisation low

Limit credit applications 

Consider closing unused accounts

Check your Credit Report 


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Understand Your Credit Report!
Your Situation is Unique
So is Our Advice.


Even if you have been rejected from large high street lenders, The Mortgage Hive can assist you. We will review your credit report and advise what is available now and also discuss the options to plan for a positive future.


The importance of an up to date credit report!

At the Mortgage Hive we offer free advice for poor credit mortgages. We can give you a generic guide, however, to give you free tailored advice, we would request that you send us an up to date copy of your credit report.
In the United kingdom we have 3 large credit agencies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. A credit report from any of these agencies would give us a snapshot of the last 6 years of your credit history.

We recommend that you obtain a credit report from Checkmyfile if you do not have a recent report. Checkmyfile allows you to check all of your credit information from the 3 largest credit agencies in one report. It also generates a downloadable PDF credit report which you can send to one of our mortgage advisers to review. They offer a free 30 day trial.

What Impact Credit Scoring has with Mortgage Lenders ?

You may have already checked your credit score from one of the various credit agencies. Lenders each have their own credit score card, as do the different credit agencies, they will assess your credit in various ways. It is often the case that if an application has been declined by a lender due to low credit scoring, it could still be accepted by another lender.

At the Mortgage Hive, after viewing your credit report, we can advise you which lenders are most suitable and likely to accept your mortgage application. The larger the deposit you have, the lower score required. This means with a Lender it is possible to be declined with a 5% deposit but accepted by the same lender with a 10% deposit. The larger the deposit the less risk for the lender.

Do all Lender's Credit Score?

No, not all Mortgage Lenders credit score. Some specialist mortgage lenders will view your credit history independently, they will have their own criteria for different products. We will need to find a lender with a product that accepts your history. This may benefit you if your credit score rating is low according to results given by the large credit agencies.
Therefore, it is important for anyone with Poor Credit, to get expert advice from a mortgage broker.
A Mortgage Broker can cross check your credit report with each Lender to see which will accept you.

Will lenders check my credit history?

Mortgage Lenders will check your credit history. They will also check your identity, income, and the property you are planning to purchase.

We recommend you use Checkmyfile, their report checks the UKs largest credit reference agencies.

What is a good credit score?

Each lender will have different criteria when assessing your eligibility. The 3 main UK credit reference agencies calculate your credit rating slightly differently and have a different scoring system. Your credit score will depend on which of the three major agencies your lender uses. Generally, a good credit score is at least:

  • 420 out of 700 for Equifax
  • 880 out of 999 for Experian

Anything less than this, you may struggle to be approved for a mortgage with the main High Street Lenders, we will need to look at specialist lenders who offer bad credit mortgages.

Some specialist lenders do not credit score, so if your score isn't great, it's not the end of the world. The Mortgage Hive will help advise you which lenders would suit your circumstance!

You can check your credit score for free through checkmyfile

How to check your credit file

You can download your credit file from Checkmyfile, this gives you access to the 3 major uk credit reference agencies, you can check if your information is correct i.e. name and current address. Any errors such as missed or late payments which have been recorded incorrectly. Old credit that you no longer have or outstanding agreements you thought were complete. You may still be linked to an old partner which could impact on your score.

How to Improve your Credit Score?

  • Check your credit file & Score
  • Check you are on the electoral roll
  • Make payments on time
  • Reduce your debt
  • Do not apply for new credit

What is Bad Credit?

Bad credit or adverse credit can vary from late payments or defaults on mobile phone or credit card to a CCJ or bankruptcy.

A lender may categorise you as having bad credit if you have a low credit rating, this may be because you do not have a history of having credit.

What are the benefits of contacting a bad credit mortgage broker?

As an independent broker with access to the whole of the market including specialist lenders, your ability to get a mortgage will be greatly improved by speaking to The Mortgage Hive. We always have our client’s best interest at heart, we will always offer the best advice and find the best products that suit your circumstances.

What is a bad credit mortgage adviser?

Independent Mortgage Brokers are in a great position to search the whole of the market to find a mortgage that will fit your circumstance, no matter what your credit history.

A good broker will get to know your personal situation including any bad credit, they will use this knowledge of you to find out which lenders would accept your application.

If you have a history of late payments, bankruptcy or have CCJ’s your ability to get a mortgage will be greatly improved by speaking to The Mortgage Hive. We will assess your mortgage application chances with a range of lenders prior to formerly making your application to a lender.

I am a key worker with bad credit, can I get a mortgage?

Yes, there could be several options open to you as a key worker with a history of bad credit or a low credit score. Lenders will look at whether you meet their criteria. Earnings, financial commitments, and length of time in your current position, as well as your adverse credit history will be taken into consideration.

If you are a self-employed key worker, you will need a minimum of 1 year’s work history. Lenders will look more favourably if you have over 2-years of income history.

Whether you have a history of late payments, bankruptcy or have a CCJ your ability to get a mortgage will be greatly improved by speaking to The Mortgage Hive. We will assess your mortgage application chances with a range of lenders prior to formerly making your application to a lender.

Is it possible to get a mortgage with bad credit?

It’s not impossible to get a mortgage with bad credit. Your Mortgage Adviser will have to work harder to find a lender that will consider your application, they will look at your credit score, employment details, plus other details such as your payment history to assess your level of risk.
Whether you have a history of late payments, bankruptcy or have a CCJ your ability to get a mortgage will be greatly improved by speaking to The Mortgage Hive. We will assess your mortgage application chances with a range of lenders prior to formerly making your application to a lender.

I have bad credit, Can I get a second mortgage?

To qualify for a second mortgage, it will largely depend on how bad and how recent your bad credit occurred.

Lenders might expect you to have a larger deposit as lenders prefer bad credit borrowers to have lower LTV (loan-to-value) rates. You will need to prove that the income you earn, and your circumstances allow you to repay the requested mortgage amount.

Can I get a low deposit mortgage with Bad credit?

It is unlikely that a lender would consider you with just a 5% deposit but this will depend on other factors. For example, how recent the credit issues occurred, severity of the issues, property you are mortgaging, your earnings & your age.

Can I get a mortgage if I have been bankrupt?

If you have been bankrupt, it may still be possible to re mortgage or be accepted for a new mortgage. You may have to consider specialist lenders instead of using high street banks.
Your lender may request a higher deposit, or you may have to pay higher interest rates. We can help you find the right mortgage for you now or possible help you to be in a better position to access one in the future.

My house was repossessed, can I get a mortgage?

Lenders like to see a good history of carful borrowing and repayment, there are some specialist mortgage lenders that will consider an application from someone that has previously had their property repossessed.

Every lender is different, they each have different criteria to determine your eligibility. Some may lend sooner than others following a repossession. We can help guide you to take steps to improve your eligibility, this could include improving your credit score, repaying unsecured debts, saving a bigger deposit, or increasing your income.

Will a CCJ prevent me from getting a mortgage?

High Street lenders are not usually accessible if you have bad credit including County Court Judgements (CCJ’s). However, there are specialist lenders we can approach who will consider your application for a mortgage, they will have different criteria, usually looking at your current financial situation to check affordability.

Obtaining a mortgage with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be challenging but is not necessarily impossible. While lenders are generally wary of lending to borrowers who have such judgements due to the risk associated, certain mitigating factors and lenders offering specialist products may allow for successful applications. Factors that could increase one’s chances of being approved for a CCJ mortgage include proving a good credit history prior to taking out the loan, having no other adverse credit after the CCJ was issued, regular savings record and having gained recent employment. Additionally, because they are perceived as higher risk clients, applicants with CCJs are likely to require larger deposits and may face more stringent affordability checks than usual when securing mortgages.

Can I get a mortgage while I have an IVA?

Yes, there are several UK lenders that will consider clients with an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). An IVA is an agreement with your creditors to pay back debts over a period of time. If you manage the IVA well and show a good track record, you may improve your credit score along with your ability to get a mortgage.

While the IVA is in place, you may require written permission from the insolvency practitioner before you will be allowed to borrow more money.

Can I get a mortgage with defaults?

Defaulting on a loan or other financial obligation will have serious consequences for your credit rating. However, with responsible borrowing and money management, it may be possible to secure a mortgage even where there is a record of defaults.

Mortgage providers assess everyone's circumstances carefully, taking into account the overall financial profile including income, expenses, and past payment record. In some cases, people may be able to take out mortgages as long as they can demonstrate that their current finances are in order and likely to remain so in the future.

You should be aware that your ability to access finance will still be restricted if there is a significant history of poor payment records and defaults. Our Mortgage advisers can help you review your options to ensure you receive advice tailored to your specific situation.

Are you on the electoral register?

Simply registering yourself and checking your details are up to date on the electoral roll i.e., registering at your current address, current name (i.e. have you changed your name due to marriage or divorce). This information needs to be correct.

Don’t make late payments!

Late payments become less significant the older they get, do not miss payments or pay late going forward. It is important you make sure you always have funds in your account to pay direct debits, this will improve your credit score very quickly.

Reduce existing debt

Reducing the balances of your current debt will usually allow you to borrow a higher amount on your mortgage, this is because you will be able to afford to pay higher monthly repayments. If you can pay more than your monthly minimum on your credit cards this will help reduce your debt faster.

Stop applying for mortgages, other loans & credit.

Making lots of credit applications close together shows lenders that you are not managing your finances. If you are declined for a credit card or finance, do not reapply immediately, wait a few months to retry.

Mortgage experts

Our advisers are very knowledgeable within the mortgage sector, we like to keep up to date with current market trends, types of products and lenders criteria. Having the ability to access the whole of the market allows us to offer products which maybe overlooked by your usual bank or larger financial institutes.

If there is a mortgage suitable for you, The Mortgage Hive will find it for you.