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As a fire fighter, you spend every day running headlong into danger to protect other people. Most of the time, you are entering properties – such as people’s homes – to help them escape from a wall of fire. However, when it comes to finding mortgages for fire fighters, you might find yourself facing off against another kind of wall!

Sadly, locating the right mortgages for fire fighters is not easy. Even with such a stable and respected profession, lenders can make it hard for you to find the right kind of affordable deal. If you are tired of lenders treating you with disrespect, it is time to speak to The Mortgage Hive.

As a brokerage aimed at professions like yours, our job is to put you in touch with lenders who will treat you with the respect you deserve. We can help you to understand what kind of borrowing is likely to be available and then provide insight and recommendations in terms of lenders to work with.

We offer many options, including first time buyer mortgages for fire fighters. This means that you can easily find lenders who will take you seriously, treat your profession with respect, and finally give you a chance to latch onto the mortgage ladder.

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Regardless of what stage of your Fire fighting career you are at.   The Mortgage Hive are here to offer you impartial mortgage advice tailored for your circumstances.   Speak to one of our expert Fire Fighter mortgage advisers today to find out more!

Buying a new property as a fire fighter should not engulf your time

A common problem for many looking at mortgages for fire fighters is finding the right kind of property. For example, you might be looking at some new home mortgages for fire fighters. If that is the case, lenders are not quite so keen to lend to you. Why?

It could be that you are new to your profession and thus lack proof that you will stick around. It might be that you are trying to buy this new-build alone, and thus lenders are unsure if you can afford the required rates. Either way, our job is to help you find affordable mortgages for fire fighters.

New build homes are a highly desired choice for many in your profession, and we want to do everything we can to help you find the home of your dreams. We can assist you in coming up with a financial profile that helps you understand what you can borrow, what deposits you should expect to pay, and t help you start working towards home ownership in the near future – even if you are brand new to firefighting!

Finding a mortgage as a temporary fire fighter

Early on in your career, you might find that you work with more than one station. You might find yourself working as a temporary fire fighter, where you work with one station for a short period of time before going elsewhere. You might also be a ‘floating’ fire fighter where you assist various fires stations in your nearby area. With that being the case, you might find that locating the right deal is a challenge.

Your profession is one that can be hard to explain to a lender. They might simply look at the fact that you are not permanent to one station and hold it against you. However, we can help you to build a clear image of your financial position, how consistent your earnings are, and the future your profession offers.

This can clear up doubts with lenders that might otherwise have been uncertain about lending you the funds you need to buy your home. Either way, we can help you build a clear portfolio of your professional history and earning potential so that you can confidently apply for mortgages.

There are many ways to improve your chances of landing a mortgage, though. For example, applying alongside someone else adds extra weight and credibility to your application. Regardless of whether you apply alone or with someone else, though, we can give you clarity on what to expect.

Finding the best options for mortgages for fire fighters

A common choice today for many in your profession is to look at buy to let mortgages for fire fighters. These mortgage deals can be some of the most effective, and can help you to start working towards getting the right kind of mortgage agreement for your own property portfolio plans.

There are a great many options available to you, and it is our job to help you explore them and understand what is available to you. If you want to work towards owning property, our help in finding the best mortgages for fire fighters can be invaluable.

Utilise government mortgage schemes for fire fighters to your advantage

There are other ways that you can get access to the borrowing potential you need. For example, many fire fighters reside in council homes. If you have stayed in a council home for a few years, you might be suitable for a Help to Buy or Right to Buy mortgage agreement. These government-backed agreements can further simplify the task of finding the best mortgages for fire fighters.

With this in mind, you can make it much easier to go ahead and build a clear and detailed plan for your mortgage acquisition moving forward. You might even consider Shared Ownership, whereby you buy the property alongside the government to help reduce and offset the cost of your lending.

Locating the most suitable poor credit mortgages for fire fighters

Only some firefighters come into the profession with a solid financial background. If you have accrued debts or had financial problems in the past, consider poor credit mortgages for fire fighters. We can help you find lenders who can help you take on a mortgage deal. Yes, you might pay more than you would expect in terms of interest rates, but it can get you on the housing ladder.

Understand the mortgage market for fire fighters clearer than ever

One problem you might run into when taking on mortgages for fire fighters is the sheer range of options. From standard mortgage deals to the specialist arrangements we have mentioned above, we can help you to understand what kind of mortgage options exist for you to consider today.

This can make it much easier for you to buy into a mortgage agreement that you can be happy with, while at the same time helping you to find a deal that fits into your earning potential. For help and advice on any aspect of undertaking mortgages for fire fighters, come and speak to The Mortgage Hive today.

From poor credit histories to those new to the profession, our job is to help you find the best mortgages for fire fighters. Regardless of your financial position, we can simplify finding the right mortgage deal.

Come and speak to us today, and we can ensure you make an investment you are happy with!